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Concentrated Citrus Pre-Wash

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  • ✅ Powerful Citrus Pre-wash to eliminate built up dirt & grime.
  • ✅ Effectively remove soiling and bug splatter.
  • ✅ Highly concentrated formula that can be diluted.
  • ✅ Perfect for cleaning engine bay areas.
  • ✅ A ‘must have product’ in winter months to cut through winter grime.
  • ✅ Gentle to finishes and LSP safe.


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13 reviews for RELEASE

  1. Steve thompson

    Got a bottle of this after hearing and seeing about it on Instagram, blown away by how fast it works and how much dirt it removed, will be using this all the time in my wash routine. Order came next day aswel excellent comunication and delivery! These guys are new but clearly know their stuff! Used a few things now they sell would recommend to anyone wanting top notch cleaning products for their car.

  2. Antony Allen.

    I have used this in my engine bay totally awesome stuff. Would defo recomend this product.

  3. Craig

    Used this as a pre wash diluted 4-1 & applied in a pump sprayer.
    It really didnt take any prisoners & cut through 900 miles worth if motorway grime in seconds. Rinsed very cleanly & didnt effect the performance of my sealant in the slightest

  4. badgershine (verified owner)

    One of our first non-contacted steps at Badgershine is to liberally spray a good citrus pre-wash all over the vehicle. We have been looking for one that can take on different degrees of dirt & contamination because of our customers vehicles, so after the success of Mile Deep’s Purple we put Release through its paces too, 3 of the contenders here was caked top to bottom in all weather contamination, springtime dirt & bugs with the occasional bird poo to keep it company.
    Again through application of Mile Deeps brilliant HD Trigger spray an some dilution in some parts we left the vehicles to sit in a citrus dwelling period of around 5 mins (8 Mins on the dirty one !), we then topped it up with a good overall snow foam and “We let the Magic Begin”, It was like watching valeting chemistry at its best, most of the dirt just slid & dripped off slowly giving us the best chance of removing the rest with a jet wash over and moving on to part 2 of our cleaning phase. We can’t rate the smell of this product as its the chemical properties/reaction is what counts and yet again Mile Deep have excelled by playing this Top Trump card in the valeters briefcase, This is another truly “Powerful” product from the team at Mile Deep, its so quick at working and breaks down even the nastiest of filth yet its not harsh to the vehicles paintwork either, its a valeters dream liquid and just makes the first starting phase of car clean maintenance that much easier. We definitely recommend these products Mile Deep have on the market they are truly awesome in all there special ways. Congrats Mile Deep another winning formula and with out a doubt now in our valeting bag for the foreseeable future!!

  5. Matthew Sims (verified owner)

    Good powerful pre-wash. Easy to use with clear instructions on bottle.

  6. Simon Kirkham (verified owner)

    Bought this after seeing it used by a car detailer on YouTube. Never heard of the company but always looking for new products I ordered along with a spray bottle to dilute it down. Communication was good and it arrived in two days . I can echo the others reviews that this is a great degreaser and traffic film remover. Using the spray bottle and a detailing brush meant I could get into all the tight areas . Most of the time I didn’t need the brushes spray on leave, clean off and dirt has been removed. Shuts around the doors and boot never been so clean. . Great product?

  7. itsallinthedetailing

    Probably one of my favourite citrus, so easy to use and great cleaning power, simple clear instructions on a great branded bottle ??

  8. Sean Murphy

    This is the complete pre wash product! Coupled up with the Mile Deep trigger bottle it obliterated everything in its path! Fantastic product

  9. Matt (verified owner)

    I used to pre wash a minibus that hadn’t been washed in a year, spends its life outside open to the elements and had changed from white to various shades of black, green and grey. After covering the bus in Release, it literally did “Release” the dirt from the surface, I could not believe how much cleaner it was with just this product. Definitely worth every penny and one to have as part of your cleaning supplies.

  10. Demetrios Geniris (verified owner)

    An excellent pre-wash. Can’t fault it.
    I use it at 7:1 on a protected car
    Can highly recomend!

  11. Mike B (verified owner)

    Great citrus, used as a pre soak on the lower panels, covered with snow, rinsed clean, very little if any dirty left, great pair of products

  12. kcooke84 (verified owner)

    Heather at Auto Care HQ recommended Release in one of her videos. Really happy with the product, Easy to use, has Simple instructions and works fantastic as a pre-wash. Will be ordering more.

  13. rmw4lsh

    After several weeks of not being able to clean the car, needed something to help shift some of the dirt from the car. I was not disappointed! excellent job at Releasing the dirt.

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