Additional information for FLARE

Care Guide

Do not use on hot surfaces and/or
in direct sunlight.

Do not allow product to fully
air-dry after application and before buffing off.

Protect from freezing, exposure to
frost and prolonged high temperatures.

Store in a cool, dry location
(ideally 6 to 25 degrees C.) and keep out of reach of children and pets.


Ensure the surfaces to be treated are thoroughly clean and dry.

Shake well and do not dilute (FLARE is ready-to-use).

Spray onto a clean and dry, high-quality Microfibre Applicator Pad (e.g. mile deep APPLY).

Use light pressure to ensure quick and even coverage with a thin layer.

Buff off with a clean and dry, high-quality soft Microfibre Cloth (e.g. mile deep ENACT+).

Additional layers are not required but can be used to further enhance gloss.


Q1. Why should I consider FLARE compared
to alternatives?

A1. FLARE combining extremely high
levels of hydrophobicity, gloss, durability and ease of application, as well as
being eco- and wallet-friendly!

Q2. Where can I use FLARE?

A2. FLARE is safe to use on all
exterior surfaces including Paint Protection Film (PFF), vinyl wrap and
matte finishes and can be used to top up existing sealants (e.g., mile deep
SHIELD) in an extremely short amount of time.

Q3. Can I dilute FLARE?

A3. FLARE has been formulated to
be ready-to-use and must not be diluted. It is important to ensure that all
surfaces are thoroughly dried before application.

Q4. Do I need to remove any
previously applied products before applying FLARE?

A4. FLARE can be used on top of
other products but must be applied to surfaces that are free from
contamination. It is important to ensure all surfaces are thoroughly cleaned
with a high-quality shampoo (e.g., mile deep CLEANSE) before
application. It is highly recommended to perform decontamination with a
high-quality Iron & Fallout Remover (e.g., mile deep PURPLE) and if
required, Tar & Glue Remover (e.g., mile deep RESOLVE).

Q5. Can I try FLARE before buying?

A5. Yes you can purchase a 100ml sample sized version of the product to test it out, alternatively we welcome you to visit our store to try out and receive advice on any products you are interested in. 

Q6. How quickly can you deliver FLARE?

A6. We aim to dispatch all orders as quickly as possible, which in the majority of cases is the same day! Please see the relevant sections of our Shipping Policy for further information.  

Q7. Can I return FLARE if it
arrives damaged?

A7. We aim to resolve all issues fairly, fully and as quickly as possible, which includes the rare case of orders genuinely damaged or lost in transit. Please see the Damage and Loss sections of our Terms & Conditions or further information. 

Q8. Do you provide a guarantee for

A8. We have developed all mile deep products to meet and exceed all required safety and quality standards and we therefore provide assurances that exceed your Statutory Rights. Please see the Faults and Returns sections of our Terms & Conditions for further information.

Caring For Your Car And The Environment
Caring For Your Car And The Environment
Caring For Your Car And The Environment
Caring For Your Car And The Environment
Caring For Your Car And The Environment
Caring For Your Car And The Environment
Caring For Your Car And The Environment
Caring For Your Car And The Environment
Caring For Your Car And The Environment
Caring For Your Car And The Environment
Caring For Your Car And The Environment
Caring For Your Car And The Environment
Caring For Your Car And The Environment
Caring For Your Car And The Environment
Caring For Your Car And The Environment

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Over the many years Badgershine has been operating we have used tons and tons of quick detailer's YET they is only one KING of them all and this is FLARE. This Product is Our favourite of all Mile Deeps products, its used EVERYDAY without fail as its just so mesmerising with its finishes, Any car and we MEAN any car can really stand out from the crowd after its been applied, When a car has been cleaned you can tell that it has OK but when you have applied Flare that Definition, That Overall High Gloss, The Colour POPPING Out of the Paint is Just absolutely INSANE !!!. If you want to go a step further an really get peoples attention then applying Mile Deeps Shield First Then Flare You will get some of the craziest shines on the planet. Flare smells so nice its a treat for you but also the results it produces is a treat for your eyes. Over spraying with Flare is easily averted by wiping away with a cloth, you can apply it to all the paintwork panels roof included, alloys an we have also applied this to light lenses and yet Flare can master them all. If you think quick detailer's, white residue, accidentally water attention then Flare is so versatile and such a clever solution it DOESN'T encounter these problems that's why it so easy to use. We purchase this regularly from Mile Deep and some of our Best Work have had these outstanding results from Flare, its a KEY ingredient for us to really get them Outrageous shines, its so satisfactory applying Flare, giving a little buff in an leaving for a min before buffing out. They is NO Product on the market like Flare, We have hunted the market for years and nothing is even comparable against the TRUE Power of this product, its Quick it smells great and Its absolutely Nuclear at getting the Best shines available from your vehicles Paintwork. As we said earlier Any car an we literally mean Any can Shine Like you wouldn't believe when Flare has made its mark on it, Our Customers even know this now as HOT SAUCE Or SPECIAL SAUCE as it is that Good It even Surprises us what its going to produce. Our Favourite, Favourite, FAVOURITE product with FLARE ON TOP, Buy Some and you will be BLOWN AWAY !!!

Steve Prot
Holy Crap! Game changer.

I use a lot of QD, and I've used a lot of QD's. I'll eat my shoes if this isn't the best there is.

No streaks ceramic protection. Absolutely rad water behaviour, long lasting and gives awesome shine. So easy to use. Maximum protection minimum effort.

More is the point come to wash again it makes washing that much easier, which on a white car is a mega bonus.

Couple this with the ceramic sealant that MD do and you've got an easy route to incredible looking paint with great protection and longevity. All that with next to no cost.

Finally a detailing vendor that understands what I want.

Jerry Cantrell

So my favourite QD up my go to for 7 years got knocked off its perch by this, just this last week. It's not that I didn't try lots of others in between, I did. I tried pretty much anything of worth. I'm a sucker for a QD I love em I really do. There's just so much you can do with a good one, and boy is this a good one. Super easy to work with, sparkling finish without streaks and with amazing water behavior. Yep it's a little bit more than a traditional QD, however you don't need to use tons of it so that's off set. Made my shiny white paint on my merc pop. Can't wait until I do the mica laden paint on the missus car now. The best of the best bar none.

Andy Smith

Product was used on a bright red Focus STLineX Estate and just made the paintwork come alive. The QD made the red pop and even the customer commented that they had never seen their car that shiny. A little product was sprayed onto a folded MF cloth and wiped onto the panel before then before wiped with a separate cloth to ensure no streaks (wasn't really needed as there weren't any present.)
Big shout out to the triggers supplied too. Very good quality and feel very comfortable when using. This isn't a brand that has scrimped on this area by getting the cheapest 28mm trigger they can find. They provide a quality trigger that even has a little filter at the bottom of the pick up pipe. Highly recommended by CleanYourRide

Craig B

Best QD ive used. And ive tried loads.
Easy to apply and wipe off. Leaves a glossy finish with decent protection. Also a brilliant trigger that hasnt given up the ghost.
Just about to reorder.