About Us

No matter how or when you meet us, we promise that mile deep (or ‘md’ for short) can always be found by a single word: love; for vehicles, detailing, our environment, and every moment shared in growth and transformation.

Whether you are a beginner, enthusiast or professional, we aim to provide something seriously fun for your personal detailing journey ahead!


Behind md, there is a small but passionate team including founders Jody (AKA ‘Guppy’) and Tim. Since childhood, we have been wholeheartedly obsessed with cars: drawings and dreams that transformed into details and drives.

Time invested alongside one’s pride and joy is never time spent alone. From cleaning to enhancing to protecting, creating transformation is a process of lifelong learning and enjoyment. Higher highs from the deeper depths of knowledge, skill and experience.

In the same way driving a vehicle connects you with unforgettable journeys, detailing is itself a journey that unites the external and internal: care for your vehicle that reflects to you.

Our commitment to safeguard our planet is born from our deep value and respect for life itself. Following the tragic loss of Guppy’s wife in 2018 and the cancer diagnosis of Tim’s wife shortly afterwards, we made a lifelong promise to each other in founding mile deep.

We make the exact same promise to you now and always: to serve in the discovery, pursuit and achievement of our highest potential, leaving no regrets. Within growth, we surmount our deepest challenges.

With our mission to deliver Cleaner Car Care, we are grateful for each opportunity to share this message through our work. From the bottle of our hearts, thank you, for trusting us to support you Transform Your Detail.


During the winter of 2019, we got to work with the ground-up development of three bespoke eco- and performance-focussed products: a biodegradable pH-Neutral Snow Foam, pH-Neutral Shampoo and a Concentrated Citrus Pre-Wash, known today as CLEANSE, SNOW and RELEASE.

Our target to create a new, ground-up range of bespoke ultra high-performance, environmentally friendly products proved
more challenging than anticipated. With a double dose of perfectionism, testing and development was completed in November ’21.

With sign-off for the first volume production runs of all ten products in February ’22, we delivered the first bottles of finished product to the shelves of our retail and online shops.

June ’22 saw the end of our second 24-month development cycle for our first Ceramic based products, FLARE and SHIELD. Now in the 3rd year of development, we are working hard on the final phases if testing of our first ceramic based coatings, with the target to bring new levels of performance and value for ceramic based coatings.

In conjunction with your feedback, we are continually improving the formulation of each product to increase performance, environmental impact and value.


As in life, there remain countless daily opportunities for us to take easier, cheaper routes.

Our decision to steer clear of shortcuts is however made simple, by remaining entirely committed to the changes we are trying to deliver in the world.

This is reflected in our actions to be:

- AUTHENTIC: upholding the highest levels of transparency

- BOLD: uniting ultra high-performance with value

- CLEAN: driving for complete environmental sustainability


Our vision is “to share the love of detailing to detailers around the world”.

This vision inspires us to push the boundaries of our thinking and our work, to continuously develop new value for more people.


Our mission is: “to bring detailers transformative results that don’t cost the Earth”.

This mission drives us to deliver ultra high-performance, premium quality products and services that have a positive impact for you and our planet.


Transparency doesn’t just shine run through our products, but in every action we take.

Our action reflect the core values of our ‘TRI’ model: 

- TRUST: to seek out the best in all relationships.

- RESPECT: to activate the most sustainable channels.

- INTEGRITY: to uphold the truth from fill to pour


No matter what part of this journey we find each other, we are grateful to each one of you, the detailers that give md the green light!

We have many exciting plans to bring more mile deep to more people throughout 2023 and beyond, including new product launches as well as improvements to existing products.

We welcome all opportunities for collaboration with open wash mitts and would love to receive your feedback and learn how we can go further, together: info@miledeep.com.