We offer a wide range of professional detailing services from our dedicated, purpose-built detailing bays. Each bay benefits from the highest-end equipment, lighting and temperature control and can accommodate even the largest of vehicles.

All our staff are highly skilled with at least 10 years’ professional paint rectification experience and will attend to your and your vehicle’s needs with the greatest care and attention.

Detailing services available include: Maintinance Washing, Valeting & Detailing, Interior deep clean, Wet-vac & extraction, Paint decontamination, Paint correction, Wax, sealant & ceramic coating application, New car & Sale preperation. For additional services not listed please enquire below!

For all services, please make an enquiry using this contact form, including information on the make, model, model year (age), colour and external finish (e.g., gloss or matte) of your vehicle.

We will follow up as soon as possible to provide an accurate quotation and to arrange a booking. Please note that a small non-refundable deposit will be required to secure a booking slot.


We are continuing to expand our range of professional detailing services with advancements in product development and application techniques. If there is a service that you wish us to provide or expand, please contact us via emailing