The very pinnacle of exterior surface protection can be achieved by the application of Paint Protection Film, commonly known as ‘PPF’. 

PPF provides an additional physical layer that can resist impact damage such as from stone chips, marring (e.g., scratches and swirls) and contamination from road grime and industrial fallout. 

Whilst other exterior surface protection systems such as ceramic coatings provide excellent daily protection against dirt and washing, they have limited protection against physical damage. 

In addition to offering permanent levels of outstanding gloss (gloss option) or stealth (matte option), PPF has extreme levels of lipophobicity (oil repellence) hydrophobicity (water repellence). 

The specialised make-up of the aliphatic polyurethane material means that extreme strength and durability are also combined with lightness, with a thickness of 190 μm (0.19mm)! 

With correct application and care, PPF is designed to last a lifetime. We use the industry’s highest grade, first ever instant self-healing film, CarPro Immortal. No heat guns or hot water are needed to aid repairs! 

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We achieve a flawless installation that covers all edges, using market leading plotting equipment and software. All our installers are highly experienced and trained directly by experts at CarPro UK. 


Below are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) that we receive regarding PPF. If your question has not been answered, please don’t hesitate to email

What are the Benefits of PPF?

PPF is a product that physically protects your vehicle’s exterior surfaces against damage. Other automotive paint protection systems such as ceramic coatings provide excellent protection against staining and grime, but don’t protect against physical damage like stone chips and scratches from occurring.

PPF offers worry-free use of your vehicle, removing the constant thought in the back of your mind of where to park your vehicle, or on which journey the first stone chip will occur. It can also be used in wear and tear applications, where high contact areas of the vehicle would usually receive damage from day-to-day use, such as cargo load
areas and ‘B-pillars’ and door handles.

Can you see it has been fitted?

Only just! Technological developments in PPF as a product in recent years mean films look so optically clear and glossy that it now enhances the finish of the vehicle rather than taking away and adding “orange peel” like the films of yesteryear. Modern film installs use pre-cut patterns, meaning each piece of film is in the perfect shape of each panel before it is installed.

This helps us as an installer as it allows us to achieve as many wrapped edges and tight corner fitments as possible, resulting in a nearly invisible finish to the naked eye. If the installation requires a join/seamed area this will be discussed at the point of enquiry, this is however rare.

How long does it last?

We only use CarPro’s highest end film which comes with a lifetime warranty. With the correct maintenance and annual service checkups, there is no reason why our selected choice of film would ever need to be removed unless physical damage has occurred.

Can you take it off?

Yes, PPF can be removed at any time with no signs being left behind that film was ever installed on the vehicle. Replacement examples could be due to the film being damaged or if bodywork on a particular panel is required. If you would like the film removed, it is highly recommended that you bring the vehicle back to us as it should be done by a professional installer.

Is it difficult to maintain?

Maintaining PPF couldn’t be easier. You can wash your vehicle with the same process you would if it didn’t have PPF on it. The PPF we use is self-healing, meaning any swirl marks that may occur simply heal by themselves.

Pressure washing can be carried out with caution, keeping a reasonable distance away from the film, ensuring any non-wrapped edges do not receive too much force.PPF is still susceptible to bug etching and bird lime, in the same way as paintwork. We therefore advise that it is removed at the earliest opportunity. Aftercare advice and guidance will be provided upon the point of handover.


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