Lowrider take over meet at mile deep HQ

mile deep x Lay'N'Play take over meet

Cars & Coffee with a twist of lemon!

Many of you out there that have been following #teammd on social media are probably more than aware that we run a monthly Cars & Coffee meet at our HQ in Crewe, Cheshire.

We have been doing these meets now for quite a while (this is our 3rd year of them!) and this year we thought we would shake them up a little to keep things fresh!

So, we have a few special things planned for the year ahead for our 'The Detailer's Retreat' Cars & Coffee meets which we hold at the start of every month (see our social media for more details on when these are). Alongside these meets, we have also teamed up with some of the clubs that we support to bring you some one-off 'Take Over' meets.

A very cool line up!

The first of our 'Take Over' meets this year was in conjunction with our Friends over at Lay'N'Play, who are putting out some of the finest UK based Lowrider vehicles going! You may have seen them at some shows in the U.K. such as Gravity, where they often put on Lowrider displays over the show weekend.

Seeing what some of these cars can do bouncing on their hydraulic suspension is quite the spectacle! if you've seen them doing their party trick, I’m sure you will agree with us!

Most of these cars are based on U.S. vehicles but there are a few exceptions to this, among the Lincolns, Buicks and Chevrolets at the meet were also Nissans, Hondas, & Mercedes, all kitted out with amazing Lowrider suspension mods!

Hittin' switches!

As we mentioned above, these cars are far from the norm when it comes to the mods they have and we were treated to some outstanding displays of what they are capable of during the day!

You may have heard the term 'Hittin' Switches' when people talk about Lowriders. This refers to the control box that controls the hydraulic pumps for the suspension: when you hit these, it will make the vehicle move and even bounce way off the floor, which is a sight in itself to behold!

Community spirit

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, the community around car culture is a great one! This proved to be no exception at this meet! Lowriders have a small U.K. following (there are around 60 known vehicles in the UK) but what they lack in numbers, they make up for in sheer enthusiasm and dedication to their 'scene'. The overall atmosphere at this meet from these guys has certainly set the bar for future events that we hold at mile deep for sure!

We had around 13 Lowrider vehicles turn up to this event, which is a good number considering the rarity of these vehicles, and a whole bunch of other gorgeous U.S. vehicles too. We had people turning up to our little venue in Crewe from all over the U.K. including South Wales and even as far away as London!

UK Lowriders.. Go check them out!

We have posted a few links to go check out these amazing vehicles out for yourselves in this Blog article and please give Lay'N'Play a follow on their socials! 

We would love to give Pete from Lay'N'Play a huge thank you for organising this amazing day with us and bringing a great bunch of people along with him to share their passion with us! this is going to be one of our major highlights of 2024 for sure, and i hope we can do something again soon with the Lay'N'Play crew!

Also a big shout out to James Kelly (insta Basicallybains) for getting some amazing video and photos from the day! top work indeed!

I will leave you with a few snaps below from the day! Thanks for reading folks!