The Worlds First Detailing Summit 2024

The Worlds First Detailing Summit 2024

A BIG deal!

We were recently invited to attend a world first event organised by Richard Hutchins from the Leather Repair Company.

The event saw a huge mix of detailers and brands attending from all over the world! So, as you can imagine, it was a pleasure for our relatively new detailing brand to be there rubbing shoulders with much more established industry professionals.

A Learning Experience

At mile deep, we are firm believers in the saying "every day's a school day!" And the week we spent at the Detailing Summit was a fantastic opportunity to exercise our brains and learn some new things!

We took some lessons and practice in dry sanding and correction from our good friend Chris from Skunkworks Car care, using a range of 3D Car Care correction compounds and pads & FLEX Sanders & Polishers (which are available on our website HERE) to create a perfect finish.


During our time at the Detailing Summit, we got to spend a bunch of time chatting with IDA (International Detailing Association) members from the UK and overseas. after discussion with them over several days, we decided to become members of the organisation.

We believe it is important to be part of a regulated industry body, both as a brand and as detailers, to help ensure we are implementing best practice in everything we do. We see it like this: if you wanted a plumber, you would get a Gas Safe registered one, right?
So why wouldn’t you do the same when looking for a detailer, and get one that’s certified and part of an industry recognised body like the IDA?

Food for thought folks!

Motor Cycles, Mental Health & PPF....

So, what else was there at the Detailing Summit? Well, there were demonstrations including a talk surrounding mental health with Hans from the IDA, focusing on the difficulties of working on your own, pressures from social media, and the pressures of running a business, to name but a few.

There was also a demonstration on Motorcycle Detailing with Adam, which was extremely interesting as it’s not been an area we’ve previously focused on a huge amount, so it was great to see exactly what is involved in the processes and equipment required.

We were also treated to a few demonstrations of ceramic coating application from Marcos & PPF (Paint Protection Film) installation with Russel. This was again interesting to see the tips and tricks of the process being performed by Russel, and it was great to be able to get involved with these hands on demos!

If you are interested in Paint Protection Film or Ceramic Coating installation for your vehicle. find out more by clicking HERE or get in touch with us via email by clicking HERE.

Leather Care & Protection

Rounding up on the last day of the event, Richard spent some time with the group with an in-depth look at all things leather! It was fantastic to see how this material can be rescued, recoloured, and cared for by the products and techniques employed by The Leather Repair company - definitely a great learning session with many take aways!

A fantastic experience!

So overall, what an amazing event this was! we got to meet some wonderful likeminded people from the industry, as well as pick up some new knowledge! I can’t recommend this event highly enough for anyone that can attend future ones. It was an absolute honour to be able to say that mile deep got to attend this first event!

Many thanks to Richard and his team for putting on this incredible event for our industry and many thanks to all the guests that took part and gave talks and demonstrations!

Take care!
Jody - #teammd