Eco Awareness, its in our DNA

Eco Awareness, its in our DNA

With everything we make and all we do at mile deep, we always have our eye and our collective conscience on the impact we are having on our environment and the planet.

To that effect we try our best to make our products, packaging, and equipment we use as ecologically and environmentally sound as it can be.  All of our packaging materials are recycled, recyclable and or biodegradable where possible. Our energy at mile deep H.Q. is sourced from renewable energy suppliers and all the buildings lighting is L.E.D to save consumption. The power washer in the detailing bay is a Kranzle e-therm range which is fully electric no diesel required, and you will find vegan barista milk in our complimentary coffee machine!

Big dreams and goals, to make the world a better place.

When we set out to create mile deep one of the major goals we made was to use solely non animal based products in our range. So you will find no animal hair or fibers in our brushes or mitts, we only use the best quality synthetic materials we can find in all of our products.

We have sought and researched long and hard to find an appropriate material for our bottled products. These are currently housed in plastic containers which are fully recyclable, but still made from non renewable petrochemical based plastics, so the mission was on! We searched for other viable materials to use such as aluminum and glass, but these prove either too fragile or not stable enough to house the products over long periods.

A different, better choice..

However we have been working alongside some developers over the last twelve months to test a much more ecologically sustainable container for our products. So please watch this space for news of that new development in the next 2 to 3 weeks! we could not be more pleased to bring this brand new option to the market for you all!

Thanks for taking time to read through this news article, we hope that you can share our passion for being renewable and recycling!

And we urge you to please re use our packing if at all possible and if it no longer has a use recycle it in the appropriate manner

Much love

-Team MD.