Why contactless wash?

Why contactless wash?

When washing a vehicle one of the most important stages in our eyes is the initial pre wash stage, where the use of a combination of different products dependent on the cleanliness of the vehicle helps remove contaminants and soiling from the vehicles surface.

So why is this important?

The main reason to this stage and why it is so important when you are doing your maintenance wash on your vehicle, is to remove as much dirt and contamination from the painted surface as possible before you touch the surface with any wash mitt.

When you remove as much dirt as you can with a contactless wash, you are removing the particles of dirt that can scratch and mar your vehicles surface leaving a scratched dull finish to the surface.

At this stage it is always good to initially asses the level of dirt and products required.

Heavily soiled vehicles may first require the use of Mile Deep RELEASE citrus wash to remove heavy soiling, prior to the application of Mile Deep SNOW snow foam which will loosen and remove general grime from the vehicles surface.


Removing additional contaminants

You’ve now removed the major grime from the surface and it looks perfectly clean right?

Well possibly not! there could still be iron fall out, industrial fall out contaminants, and tar particles on the surface, so again at this point asses the painted surface, an easy way to assess  this is by gently running your fingers over the surface, if it sounds ‘scratchy’ there is contamination on the surface!

At this point its time to use PURPLE iron fall out remover and RESOLVE tar and glue remover as necessary.

Once these stages are completed wash off the remaining residue after each stage,  your painted surface should now be feeling smooth to the touch with no ‘scratchy’ sounds.

Using this initial contactless maintenance method, you will vastly reduce the need for correction work to be carried out on the vehicles paint work due to marring and scratches.

Much love

-Team m.d.