Winter Time Detailing

Winter Time Detailing

Keep up your wash regime.

So the days are getting shorter, the weather is getting cold and damp, and roads are becoming dirtier.

It’s often the time of year when we get less chance to spend time detailing our vehicles, due to shorter days and poor weather conditions. But its often the time when our beloved vehicles get the most amount of dirt on them.

Dirty leaf covered damp roads causing spray and debris to be thrown up on to the vehicle, heaters drying steamed up windows inside, and also the dreaded salt from gritter vehicles during winter, are the bane of the detailers life at this time of year!

It is of huge importance to keep up with your maintenance wash regime and keep some protection on the vehicle also during the winter months. This will both keep your vehicle in better condition, and also help improve safety whilst driving. 

Detailing for safety.

To help combat that winter grime we have some fantastic products that will help make your life easy during the winter months. They will help you get rid of that tough winter build up quickly and with ease, because lets face it no one wants to be stuck outside freezing for longer than needs be!

To keep under those arches and lower areas of your vehicle nice and clean and help remove built up road grime, we would recommend using mile deep RELEASE Citrus Pre wash  This will quickly help loosen and remove stubborn built up road grime and salt from your vehicles surfaces, and we feel it is a must-have product for every detailer during the winter time.

Once you have gotten rid of the winter grime and washed your vehicle it’s time to get some all important protection on. This will not only make it look good but help prevent grime from sticking and building up, also making it easier to remove on the next wash. 

Now to get a good layer of protection on quickly we would recommend using one of our brand new products mile deep SHIELD Ceramic Foam Sealant Easily applied with a foam lance then rinsed off, this product leaves long lasting protection (up to 6 months between applications) on your vehicle and is perfect to use when time is of the essence.

For a quick top up booster protection between major applications of SHIELD we also have another easy to apply product SHEEN Gloss Drying Aid this can be applied using a foam lance, trigger or pump type sprayer, helping you to quickly dry your vehicle and leaving a glossy protective wax polymer coat of protection. 

Keeping your vehicle clean and tidy during the winter months will help keep your lights shining nice and bright, both improving your vision and helping other motorists see you when it’s dark. Keeping your glass clean inside and out with a good glass cleaner like mile deep VISION Dedicated Glass Cleaner will also help stop the dazzling effect from other vehicles headlights that you get from dirty streaky glass.

We hope this helps you all keep those vehicles clean and safe over the coming winter months.

Much love from us all here!

-Team m.d.